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Villas on the Costa Brava with a splendid nature

Costa Brava, rent one of the most beautiful villas in existing nature

Whatever your desires, your habits and your taste, the villas at the Costa Brava meet all the expectations of the most demanding vacationers. The nature of the Costa Brava has what has the most beautiful that exists. Hence the enormous flow of tourists attracted by the heavenly places of the Costa Brava, where the climate is exceptionally mild. Holiday villas in the Costa Brava means much more than a holiday on the coast that stretches from Roses to Blanes , just above the city of Barcelona.

The Costa Brava is part of the province Girona and includes the specific geography of the Empordà and Selva, the rugged coastline and rough on the Costa Brava and its land, gave Tordera in the south and Tech in the northern Costa Brava, Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of Vidreras and Llagostera in the hinterland. In all these beautiful regions Club Villamar offers many villas for rent in the Costa Brava, which will certainly delight you.

Rent a villa on the Costa Brava and experience the beauty of this magnificent region

Holiday in the Costa Brava , staying in a comfortable and pleasant villas, and simply enjoy ... What do you want more? Surrounded by so much beauty, you probably do not know where to start. The incredible shapes and white-gray granite rock formations, the infinite variety of flora, delicious aromas of pine and rosemary, landscapes which only Van Gogh could reproduce the beautiful colors, golden beaches, the sound of the waves and the clear blue sky indescribable is reflected in the crystal clear waters ... this is an attempt to describe the Costa Brava. Because everyone feels this coastal region in another way.

Our villas in Costa Brava are a pure pleasure

During your vacation in one of the villas at the Costa Brava you swim in a delightful atmosphere that seems to be made to rest. The incredible blue skies, crystal clear waters and always calm, almost exotic vegetation ... we almost forget that there is still Europe. Pines, cork oaks, almond, lemon, orange, rosemary, thyme and lavender grow up by the sea and leans over the water like a caring mother is on her Children. It would be almost a crime not to spend their holidays in one of the villas on the Costa Brava.

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Holidays Costa Brava Mediterranean climate and 300 days of sunsh

Holiday in the Costa Brava: beautiful holiday houses and bright sunshine

The Costa Brava , located in the most north-eastern coast of Spain, is a beautiful area to spend a pleasant holiday in the sun. The Costa Brava is one of the first destinations was discovered by many tourists looking for a holiday in a warm climate. Especially the French and the Belgians come to the Costa Brava for its sun, its temperature and its delicious sea water during the hot summer months. In addition, the Costa Brava is easily accessible by car and plane prices are affordable. Therefore, holidays in the Costa Brava are within the reach of all purses for couples as for large families, small as large groups of friends. Villamar Club has a wide range of houses of holiday villas and apartments on the Costa Brava. In short, a holiday affordable for everyone who wants to holiday in the Costa Brava.

The Costa Brava and its mild Mediterranean climate

The Costa Brava has a mild Mediterranean climate that offers 300 days of sun per year. Even if winter temperatures down to 13 degrees until around the Costa Brava is mostly sunny and dry. And holidays in the Costa Brava during the winter are still acceptable. Obviously you can not wear a bikini on the beach, but with a sweater and pants, walks and cycling in the beautiful nature, a round of golf on great golf courses with 9 to 18 holes, riding on the beach, a visit to the picturesque villages with their historic buildings and enjoy the delicious Catalan cuisine are entertainment opportunities during your holiday on the Costa Brava in winter.

The Costa Brava and pleasant temperatures during summer holidays

Summer is the time par excellence for a holiday on the Costa Brava. Summer average temperatures on the Costa Brava vary between 23 and 25 degrees. At the Costa Brava temperatures are quite stabile, although heat waves are a bit more common than a few decades ago. This is also the reason may be more violent storms, which can cause flooding. But these phenomena are rare and certainly not a reason not to plan a holiday on the Costa Brava. Although there may be slight differences, climate and the temperatures are generally valid for all resorts on the Costa Brava such as Blanes , Palamos , Estartit , L'Escala , Playa d'Aro , Lloret de Mar , Tossa de Mar , Sant Antoni de Calonge , Tamariu and Roses .

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An apartment with sea views on the Costa Brava

An apartment on the Costa Brava with sea and / or pool

To enjoy the beautiful view on the Mediterranean coast of the idyllic Costa Brava , you can choose to spend your holiday in an apartment with a sea view Club Villamar offers many apartments in the Costa Brava with sea views From the price you certainly need not worry because an apartment with sea views is usually cheaper than a stay at the campsite and certainly cheaper than a hotel room. At the Costa Brava you find an apartment with sea view for 3-8 persons, with or without a pool. Often you have to choose between an apartment with a balcony overlooking a beautiful sea view and you can even sit down for meals together, and an apartment with pool on the second line along the coast. But you will also find apartments that meet both criteria. Those who take the time to find an apartment find the slope of a hill with a pool and a beautiful sea view

Rent an apartment in the most beautiful resorts on the Costa Brava

For those wishing to rent an apartment in the Costa Brava, it is with pleasure that we give you tourist information about some resorts where Club Villamar offers apartments with sea and / or pool for rent in the Costa Brava:

Lloret de Mar , located in the southern part of the Costa Brava , is especially popular among young people because of the many busy streets and more than 400 bars, restaurants and nightclubs. If you have passed this age, you will not experience discomfort from these establishments to your apartment with sea views Lloret de Mar has a beautiful sandy beach directly accessible from your apartment for you bathe.

The coastal road takes you to the Costa Brava with magnificent views to Tossa de Mar . This resort on the Costa Brava owes its charm to the old walled city, Vila Vella and its medieval citadel, dating from the period between 12 th and 14 th centuries and literally bathed in the sea you can admire Museo Municipal finds of ancient Roman villas and paintings by artists who stayed in Tossa de Mar, including Chagall. An apartment in Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava offers not only a beautiful view of the sea but also the beautiful old town, which is illuminated so magical evening.

At Playa d'Aro on the Costa Brava you also apartments with sea view and beach area. This popular resort has a wide boulevard, a busy shopping street with many fine shops and boutiques, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Of your apartment in the Costa Brava you can watch all the action from the beach.

Just above Playa d'Aro you the smallest and pleasant seaside resort of Sant Antoni de Calonge . These two stations connect the Costa Brava by small coves and beaches, accessible only by the old pirates or trail Cami de Ronda. This trail offers magnificent views of the sea and the bay, and is feasible. Kids love this adventurous path. An apartment with sea views in Sant Antoni de Calonge is simply great, thanks to its idyllic setting on the Costa Brava.

In addition to these resorts on the Costa Brava you will find other apartments with sea and / or pool Roses , Blanes , Tamariu and Sant Cristina d'Aro .

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Rent a villa on the Costa Brava each his own way

Rent a villa on the Costa Brava, the most beautiful coastal region of Spain

You have decided to spend your vacation in a villa rental on the Costa Brava , but you have not yet selected the specific destination for your holidays in the Costa Brava. This is understandable because the Costa Brava is a beautiful coastal region along its entire length. What is attractive to the Costa Brava, is its diversity, and every village and resort has its charm. The wild coast, the cliffs, the romantic bays, beautiful beaches, pleasant fishing villages, crystal clear waters, the underwater scenery and unique natural 300 sunny days per year are the most important ingredients for a break in villa for rent in the Costa Brava.

The Costa Brava is also famous for its exuberant nightlife. But what many people do not know is that the Costa Brava there are many villages with historical monuments, archaeological sites and beautiful natural parks where you can make beautiful walks as well as bicycle. And yes, the Costa Brava there everyone will. But you do not have to worry because Club Villamar offers approximately 400 villa rentals on the Costa Brava, scattered all over the Costa Brava. We make it a pleasure to help you in your search for a rental house that you like the Costa Brava.

Rent a villa on the Costa Brava for good-living

Numerous tourist resorts on the Costa Brava are dotted with hundreds of restaurants and tapas bars. You should absolutely not cook in your villa for rent in the Costa Brava, because the enormous variety invites you to enjoy every day native dishes as well as international, and that at democratic prices. Lloret de Mar is a good example of a seaside resort on the Costa Brava, where you will find a mixture of Italian, Chinese and even fast food. However, we advise you to taste the culinary specialties of the Costa Brava. Barcelona in turn is a paradise for the kitchen, where there are restaurants for the taste of each. Those seeking Spanish nightlife can head to Lloret de Mar and Barcelona. During the summer months, representatives of clubs attract young people with vouchers for free drinks. Nightclubs are popular among other Mobys, Tropics, St. Trop, MoEF Ga-Ga, and Colossos Hollywood.

Rent a villa on the Costa Brava for newts

The coastline of the Costa Brava which extends 200 kilometers offers many facilities for carrying out all kinds of water sports. No matter where your villa is located on the Costa Brava rental, water sports are everywhere Playa de Aro , L'Escala , Roses , Begur , Sant Antoni de Calonge , Tamariu , Pals , etc.. If you are bitten by rather watersports on an artificial lake or inland, it is best to choose a villa rental in the hinterland of the Costa Brava in Lake Banyoles. For lovers of diving, we recommend without doubt rent a villa in Estartit . The islands in front of this resort have several diving centers, even for those who do not have diving certificate. Here the underwater world is simply splendid.

Rent a villa on the Costa Brava for families with children

Vacationers with children looking rather calm on the Costa Brava, find renting a villa in the pleasant resorts Santa Cristina de Aro , Blanes , Tossa de Mar and Palamos . The Costa Brava is also a perfect holiday destination for families with children. Almost every rental villa on the Costa Brava has a private pool. The beach also offers many facilities for children such as inflatable games, children's pools and animation. Your rental villa on the Costa Brava you can also plan trips fun for your children. For example, visit the Adventure Park, The world in a day with the exotic Mexico, China and the mysterious Far West captivate. At the Costa Brava Aqua Parks also have several that are certainly worth a visit with the children.

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Vacation rentals on the picturesque Costa Brava

Vacation rentals along the coast of the stunning Costa Brava

The Costa Brava , la partie la plus the eastern provinces of Gerona , fait partie de la région de la Catalogne. The Costa Brava doit son nom à la côte sauvage (good) époustouflante here if caractérise et par des rochers escarpés here if plantent dans les eaux de la Méditerranée Cristallines. Au début du 20 ème siècle Costa Brava fut découverte par les riches familles de Barcelone, here y ont construit de nombreuses locations de vacances pour les weekends des grandes y échapper Chaleurs de la ville. The charm pittoresques baies et des criques, entourées de pin de forêts here descendent jusqu'à la mer, a bohemian attire plus tard et aussi des des artistes tels que Dali, Picasso and Chagall. Autour des villages de pêche traditionnels if développées sont des stations balnéaires modernes, où des milliers de locations de vacances et ont été appartements construits, généralement with private swimming pool. The flot de touristes vers la Costa Brava a continuous croitre.

Holiday rentals in the hinterland of the Costa Brava

You will not only find beautiful vacation rentals in and around the resorts of the Costa Brava . Towards the interior of the country, the Costa Brava offers interesting medieval villages or castles have been transformed into secular hotels and five star restaurants. In addition, the hinterland of the Costa Brava has a beautiful nature, often protected by national parks for their unique fauna and flora. Even around these parks many vacation rentals have been built by the Spanish bourgeoisie, simple accommodations to luxury villas with private pool. Currently, these holiday homes are rented for many vacationers from all over Europe. They have 1 or 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, which provide a living for many couples, families and friends who wish to spend their holidays on the Costa Brava.

Vacation rentals of north to south of the Costa Brava

In the center and south of the Costa Brava resorts are busiest and also the majority of holiday rentals. Vacation rentals in Lloret de Mar attract mostly young people. In addition to the attractive beaches they find their way in more than 400 bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Here you will find many holiday rentals open to small and large groups of young people. Playa d'Aro , with its huge range that goes down to the sea, is an ideal resort for families with small children. Divers of them, go to a mass holiday in Estartit , where underwater caves and unspoilt flora and fauna make this resort a paradise for divers. Older people seek from them rather a quiet holiday in the picturesque village of Sant Feliu de Guixols , the posh town Blanes , the charming village of Tossa de Mar or vacation rentals in northern the Costa Brava in Roses example.

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